Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taking out the trash

When we first looked over the property, there was an old truck topper that was housing the well's pump control box.  All we needed was a generator to get the well to work and bring us up some fresh High Prairie water (and man is it good stuff).  There were also various rusted containers and a 55 gallon drum buried in the ground that the owner before us, who lived in his camper, used as a septic system  (ewwwwwww).

Upon further investigation, we found out that the guy also used the property as an unofficial landfill.  There were over 300 tires, many plastic garbage containers filled with nails and other trash filling up the small crevices in the land.  He had also pushed a couple of campers over the edge of the cliff in our only copse of trees.  There was a lot of work to do if we wanted the place to be clean.  We (ie. my hubby, I was too pregnant to be of much help) spent every weekend that summer and fall filling up the truck and trailer with garbage to haul 25 miles to the dump.  We got to be well acquainted with the guy who runs the dump, Little Eddie, his Dad, Big Eddie, runs another transfer station....must be a family thing.

Little did we know, and I'm glad we didn't 'cause I would've popped the baby out right then and there, but the place was crawling with rattlesnakes.  It was only the next year when we had our first run-in with one of those!


  1. Oh, SCARY!! I would be terrified to walk through the grass if there were rattlesnakes. haha

    So glad I found you!

  2. I'm glad you found me too! We didn't know about the rattlers when we bought the place, but once we found out, I bought snake boots and even chaps, lol. Needless to say, these rattlers are little, the biggest was about 36" long and they are pretty passive. I still don't go out in flip-flops, but I've put the boots and chaps in the closet for those visitors who are freaked out about them.