Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1st Annual Northwest Homesteading Fair

This Saturday my friends and I are putting on the 1st Annual Northwest Homesteading Fair

In some of our many chats, we realized that each member of our community has a skill that they have perfected in their homes and farms and others who would be interested in learning these skills.

I have a lot of dairy experience and one of my friends knows how to sprout grains and make breads and crackers from scratch.  We had a great idea to put on a fair to help others in and outside of our community.  One little idea grew into a HUGE production and the fair is being held this Saturday in Lyle, Washington with workshops take and booths to shop.  The workshops and admittance to the fair are ALL FREE!!  We are having a food truck that sells all locally grown, organic food.  Vendors (like myself) will be selling goat milk soaps and lotions, quilting supplies, hunter's safety instruction, candles, and homesteading supplies.  We even have a blacksmith who will help us make our own spoons.   Local musicians will be entertaining us all day and there will be wiener pigs and goat rides for the kids, along with faery gardens to make.  We are really excited for all the local businesses who have donated their services and products for raffle items and all our wonderful friends who have volunteered their time to help us out.  If you're in the neighborhood, come join us!