Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saying goodbye

This week was one of the hardest for me.  I had to say good-bye to 2 of my family members. 

On Monday, I woke up to my Rottie mix, Morgan, not being able to stand or eat.  I got her as a puppy in January of 1998, she would have been 15 on December 1st. 

She had moved all over the country with me and was a great companion.  The girls and I took her to the vet, kissed, petted, and told stories about her life as she passed away.

Two days later, I lost my 94 year old Grandmother.  I had flown back to Michigan 2 weeks ago to say my good-byes to her, and I'm so glad I was able to make the trip to tell her how much I love her and what she meant to me. 

I'm actually more relieved knowing that they are no longer in pain or struggling.  They lived long, wonderful lives and they've enriched my life having been in it.  It will take awhile for me to stop going to feed Morgan or calling my Grandma for our weekly chat.