Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A barn.....to some it's ugly or just a building, but to me, it was a thing of beauty.  My hubby let me choose the color.  The freshly poured concrete floor was sparkling clean, he was fastidious about sweeping it when we left.  It was so open and HUGE!  There was no way we'd ever fill it up, right?  It provided a respite for the wind and sun, both of which were in abundance on the Prairie.

I envisioned the kids riding their bikes and scooters around on the floor, playing some b-ball....but reality set in, and we started {gasp} using it!

We also improved the driveway, leveling out the ruts and put down fresh gravel.  I keep saying when we win the lotto, I want the whole 1.5 miles paved and heated, so I don't have to plow it in the winter.

Well, it's no longer empty or clean.  We desperately need to clean it out and throw a bunch of stuff away, but I still love the thing!

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