Thursday, May 5, 2011

About our homestead

We purchased our ranch as a newly married couple expecting our first child.  We knew we wanted to move out of the city (where my wonderful hubby dragged me kicking and screaming when we got hitched).  We started looking at modest 20 acre parcels, then drove down this completely rutted road with 2 steep hills which ended at the top of a 2500 foot canyon.  There was a for-sale sign with a phone number....we thought "what the heck?" and made the call.  Turns out the property was 200 acres, almost 2 miles from power lines and almost completely barren of trees.  After much discussion, we made an offer.  It was accepted and our dream of homesteading began.  We worked for 2 full years before we made the jump, planting trees as a future windbreak and building a barn to store our tools.  We did a ton of research, bought every book on country living, and dreamed of someday having our own cow to milk and tractor to work the land.