Thursday, May 19, 2011

The house

I always had a dream of owning a log cabin, I used to clip out pictures from magazines.  They are massive and beautiful.....and expensive.  We went to many home shows and subscribed to all the log cabin magazines. My hubby and I found a builder and general contractor.  We had the plans drawn up and picked the spot on the prairie to build.  Then the builder stopped returning our calls.  This couldn't be good....the ground hadn't even been broken and he's already flaking out on us?  We decided to take a step back.  Did we really want to build a 5200 square foot house (YES!!!)  Did we want to take on more than half a million in debt?  (NO!!!)  We decided to put up a temporary house (no, not a Yurt!!) but something that would enable us to live on the property and escape the city and all it's light and noise pollution. 

We had heard about a bunch of trailer parks selling their land to developers and kicking the elderly residents out.  We felt terrible for their plight.   Here they are settling down into their golden years in their nice manufactured houses, their tiny, manageable yards, surrounded by friends only to have their security yanked out from underneath them!  After visiting about 5 different parks, we found some we really liked and felt would work with our growing family.  The best thing was the houses were in practically brand new condition.  Those elderly people didn't have wild parties or kids coloring on the walls.

We had our site prepped and the electricity, water and septic in.

Moving day was right before I gave birth to our second daughter.  I couldn't watch it for fear that the house would tip into the draw and I would spontaneously give birth.  So I sent my hubby with the camera.

 Down the very steep hill.  This guy was very brave, imagine standing downhill from a teeny, tiny, tractor holding back 1/2 of a house!

Around the corner and the edge of the draw.

Up the other hill and squeeze through the gate.

It was slightly faster than building a house, but it still took us over 6 months from closing to moving in.  Then we still had to sell the city house.   However, we got a great price on this's not a show-piece, but it's ours and it's paid for!  We were calling this our 5 year plan....but it's looking more permanent, I can't stomach the thought of being in debt.  Our only regret is that we didn't put a basement under the house.  Imagine all the space for food storage and toys!

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  1. I like your 5 year plan! Remember a house is only sticks and stones, a home is where you create memories and love is made and shared! Blessings from Wisconsin