Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Peek at Summer

Just yesterday it was over 80 degrees and muggy, the sunshine and rare lack of wind made me happy.  Today, though, we woke up to barely 40 degrees, rain and wind....blah....a perfect day to laze around on the couch in front of the aforementioned favorite pastime...the boob tube.   It's better than slogging around in the mud as I did this morning moving the various critters from barn to pen.  Unlike me, they were smart enough to avoid the mud.

It's almost as if it was a dream


However, I have the reminders of the sunshine

 and lots of blue gel to apply to them.


  1. Boob tube...sounds like what I did today...makes me feel less guilty for watching it. Food Nework and Cooking Channel? Blessings from Wisconsin! Thanks for sharing at the Barn Hop. Count me as your new follower!

  2. Yes, the Food Network!! Unfortunately when I watch it, I get way too many good ideas for baking and there goes my lazy day!