Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow days

We normally receive a lot of snow in the winter, and we are fully prepared to weather out the storm with a fully-stocked pantry, full firewood pile and lots of food for the critters.  Although this year started out pretty mild, we more than made up for it this week.
Wearing ice grabbers was the only way I could get around outside after 2 straight days of freezing rain.  They kept slipping off my feet, just as I was getting confident and down I'd go! I got tired of getting bruises, so tied them on with baling twine. (reduce, reuse, recycle!)
The freezing fog is so thick, it's almost impossible to see the barns or house.
Due to poor planning on our part, the large doors on the barn open under the side of the barn, right where all the snow falls off the roof.  So if we don't plan ahead and park the rigs snow-plow side out, we have to dig it out by hand.  Guess what I did this week?  ;-)
Had to knock the snow off the greenhouse, but it's pretty strong and held up well under the weight.
A momentary break in the weather.

Our poor tree!  When we were able to get to town, we were shocked and saddened seeing all the downed trees.
The snow was too deep to play in.  The 5yo came inside within 3 minutes, she kept falling down into the deep snow, she declared it 'NO FUN!'

Where did the truck go?

In order to plow, I had to dig out the truck, chain it up in a snowdrift, then slowly drive to the barn to get the plow.  Only took about an hour!

Had to dig out the path into the barn....planning ahead would have been a good thing.

Unhappy steer.

We were more fortunate than the rest of our neighbors, the electricity was out for about 4 days in the county, but we had more than enough from our wind generator and backup propane gen!

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  1. Oh my word. That's a whole lotta snow. I guess that's one way to stay in shape! ;)