Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home maintenance: Skylight Replacement

One of the joys of being a homeowner is doing maintenance.  When we first bought the house we knew that the original owners had removed a skylight in the bathroom over the garden tub.  Unfortunately, after the first winter, the skylight in the kitchen started to leak.  We patched it, knowing that in the future we'd have to either replace the skylight or remove it altogether.  I really like the additional light in the kitchen and it saves on energy, which is important to our off-grid lives.  We would forget about the leak in the dry months, only to be wetly reminded once fall came around again and the bucket came out to catch the drips.  For a time, we would cover the roof with a tarp (and some tires and concrete blocks to hold it down)....oh yeah....we looked pretty tacky!

Finally this summer, my hubby decided to remove it and I convinced him to install a solar tube in it's place.  

My feeble attempt to contain the mess.

When he removed the skylight, he discovered that the roof was badly damaged and a large area would have to be replaced.  Also, that night it decided to rain for the first time in weeks, so out came the tarp again!  I felt like I had OCD trying to keep up with the falling drywall and dust, along with keeping the baby out of the kitchen. 

After replacing the roof, he installed the solar tube, but he declined to tackle the drywall.  For some reason in our area it's incredibly difficult to find a contractor to do work, even the simplest project is a hassle trying to find someone. 

After a few weeks of contacting drywall installers, we finally were able to have one out for an estimate.  The crew came back the next day and finished it up beautifully in less than 4 hours. 

After a quick coat of paint, it looks perfect and like there never was anything different in that space!


  1. Nice! Isn't that how it goes (with the rain) - in our farm paper a joke this week was "how do you make it rain? Plan to cut hay" I gues roofing projects too. Blessing from Wisconsin

  2. Oh my goodness, the patch job is perfect! I love solar tubes, too. They're so...tricksy. (my parents have one in a cabin they just bought last year. They spent the first few days trying to turn off the "light" when they left the room. haha)

  3. It's looks great. We have a solar tube in our bathroom. It's amazing how bright it is in there, even on overcast days...and even at night if the moon is present at all.

  4. Your skylight looks fantastic! Though the job was polished by the installers, your hubby has done an incredible job installing it properly. Now you can truly enjoy the benefits of natural light in your kitchen every day.

    Galliena Gornet

  5. It’s a good thing you’re already in the process of replacing the skylight when the rain came. Though it’s not necessarily a good thing, it’s still better than being caught off guard. A solar tube is a good replacement, actually. It takes up a small spot (in case there are leaks again). But from the looks of it, a leak is far from possible. Good job! :D

    Mariam Freame ^.^

  6. Nice! The solar tube installation turned out great. Well, I can’t compare it to the previous one because I don’t know what it looked like. Hehe! It really doesn’t matter because your present skylight is wonderful!

    Kayce Church

  7. Thanks for the share! Any idea which type of "glass" you used? I am thinking about replacing mine and have been looking at these polycarbonate sheets since they are extremely durable. What do you think?

  8. One thing that my husband and I want to add to our home renovation projects is a skylight in our kitchen. We are changing up our house so much and I am excited to see the finished product! Would you happen to know of anyone that does skylight installation near Gladstone?