Monday, September 26, 2011

Growing tomatoes

The last few years, I've tried growing tomatoes in the greenhouse, but it never works out, the plants get gargantuan, take over the whole greenhouse and rarely produce any fruit.

This year, I took a chance and planted 12 plants out in the garden, chancing the high wind that is normal for us.  I planted mostly Roma (or paste) and a couple yellow pear, big boy and cherry tomatoes.   I had started seeds, but I have never had good luck and this year was no exception.  I ended up buying plants at our local nursery.  I thought that our high wind was going to be the end of them, but the plants grew compactly and the buds were numerous.  I received a lot of help from the honey-bees!!

Since the plants were so small, I neglected to stake them up....something I regret, since now the vines are loaded down with fruit, it almost takes 2 people to harvest, one to hold up the vines, the other to pick the tomato!
 I have plans to make sauce, paste and salsa with all the 'maters!

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